Choosing the Best Capital OneŽ Credit Card

Capital One® is one of the pioneer companies providing credit cards in the United States. They also offer their services to millions and millions of customers all over the world. Capital One®, which was founded in 1988, provides more than just credit cards, but also financial assistance like home equity loans, car loans, and financial assistance for small businessmen.

If you are one of those people who are interested in applying for a credit card, you can choose from a variety of Capital One® credit cards. Just by getting information about the types of credit cards and what they offer, you will find the one that suits your lifestyle.

The Capital One® No Hassle Cash Rewards Credit Card

The Capital One® No Hassle Cash Rewards Credit Card offers 2% cash back on every purchase you make at any gasoline stations and major grocery stores. This credit card also offers 1% cash back on purchases other than gasoline and groceries purchased in major supermarkets, which are redeemable anytime. You can also opt to set up automatic redemptions on the cash rebates that you get.

Aside from the above mentioned benefits, this card offers no annual fees and you can enjoy their 0% annual percentage rate over the credit card’s introductory period, which usually runs for six months or more. After the introductory period, your purchases are charged with a variable APR of 14.9%. There are also no transfer fees deducted.

The Capital One® No Hassle Miles Rewards Credit Card

This credit card is offered to people with excellent credit standing. The Capital One® No Hassle Miles Rewards Credit Card gives you 1 travel mile for every $1,000 you spend using your credit card and you can earn double the travel miles for purchases exceeding $1,000. There are no limits to the miles you can earn with this type of card and the miles you earn do not expire.

With this credit card, you can enjoy travelling using your miles without any seat restrictions and blackout dates. You can also redeem for as low as 10,000 miles earned, and you can use these miles for any travel expense, gift cards, cash back, and many more.

Aside from these exciting offers, you also get 0% purchase APR on the first year of the card. After that, all purchases are charged with a variable APR of 13.9%. There are no transfer fees and annual fees included in this credit card.  

The Capital One® Platinum Prestige Credit Card

This is the one of the most popular credit cards that Capital One® has to offer. Issued to people with excellent credit standing, this card gives 0% APR on all purchases on the first year, including 0% APR on transfer fees. Aside from these, you can also get big savings when you transfer higher rate balances from other cards and you can also save on the purchases you make using your card.

After the first year, enjoy a low variable APR rate of 11.9% on purchases and a 3% fee transfer fee for every transfer you make. The transfers you make using this card is processed in as fast as 48 hours, and there are no annual fees.

For every credit category, whether limited, average, good, or excellent credit standing, there is a Capital One® credit card that is designed to meet the needs of its customers.

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