Understanding the Benefits of Having a CitiŽ Diamond PreferredŽ Card

Citi® offers a variety of the most popular credit cards you will find in the market today. Whether you are looking for great value, cash back rewards on purchases that you make, flexible travel miles, and cards for college students, you will find them all in their wide selection of cards.

One of their highlights is the Citi® Diamond Preferred® Credit Card. It offers no annual fees, 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers for up to nine months, and VIP access to new experiences and special occasions. Aside from these wonderful privileges, every card member can also enjoy unique benefits that only Citi® offers.

Private Pass® Access

If you are the type of person that enjoys watching movies, concerts, sports and other events, then the Citi® Diamond Preferred Card is the best card for you. With its Private Pass® Access, you can enjoy the chance of purchasing presale tickets and preferred seating, with a variety of choices which include restaurants, shopping, clubs, movies, sporting events, and more. All you need to do is log on to the Private Pass® website and look for the event that you want yourself in.

Concierge Service

Just by calling the Citi® hotline or just by visiting their website, you can enjoy 24/7 access to personalized service wherever you are around the globe. The Concierge Service offered by the Diamond Preferred® card takes care of all your needs, including making reservations in your favorite restaurant, purchasing tickets and booking flights and hotel rooms.

Price Protection

If you purchased a product using your Citi® card and eventually see it advertised in local publications with lesser value, you can get a refund within 60 days for the difference in price up to a maximum amount of $250. This promo excludes certain items and goods acquired through the Internet.

Retail Purchase Protection

With the retail purchase protection offered by Citi®, you enjoy protection against accidental damage or theft of the product you purchased for up to 90 days from the date of acquisition of most of your purchases. 

Zero Liability on Unauthorized Charges

You can enjoy the privilege of shopping anywhere and at the same time not pay for any unauthorized charges that were made on your Citi® credit card through the $0 Liability benefit of your card.

Money-Saving Discounts

One of the benefits of having a Diamond Preferred® card is that you get big discounts and saving on various items. All you need to do is go to their website or watch for it on public circulation papers and advertisements.


You and your credit card will enjoy added security and have an extra identification card by placing your photo together with your signature in front of your Diamond Preferred® card.

Virtual Account Numbers

Put stress into the word protection for your credit card by having virtual account numbers. With this benefit, you will never have to give your real credit card number, especially when you are fond of making purchases over the web. With just a click, you will be able to produce an alternative card number which makes it very impossible for hackers and other bad elements steal your account number and make any unwanted purchases and charges.

There are a lot more benefits that the Citi® Diamond Preferred Card offers. Each and every benefit is specifically for the protection of every card holder of this card.

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